Arbor Technology

Arbor has the time-tested ability of providing board-level to system-integrated solutions with well-defined manufacturing processes and seasoned long-term availabilities. Arbor's Embedded & Networking Computing solutions have been successfully applied into the fileds of transportation, e-Service, medical, manufacturing automation, telecommunications, networking, information system and military.

The Intel Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Alliance

Arbor Technology is part of The Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, one of the world's most recognized and trusted technology ecosystems. Members of The Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance include leading solution and service providers from a broad range of industries, who provide the hardware, software, firmware, tools, and systems integration that developers need to take a leading role in the rise of intelligent systems.

Productos destacados por Arbor Technology

FPC-7701/7702/7703 Embedded Box Computers

FPC-7701/7702/7703 Embedded Box Computers

Industrial environment fanless computer with PCI and PCIe x8 and x16 expansion ports.