Analog Devices Inc. ADXL373 Micropower 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer

Analog Devices Inc. ADXL373 Micropower 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer is an ultra-low-power ±400g microelectromechanical systems accelerometer that consumes 19μA at a 2560Hz Output Data Rate (ODR). The ADXL373 does not power cycle its front end to achieve its low power operation and therefore does not run the risk of aliasing the sensor's output. In addition to its ultra-low power consumption, the ADXL373 enables impact detection while providing system-level power reduction.

The ADXL373 Accelerometer features two additional lower power modes with interrupt-driven, wake-up features for monitoring motion during periods of inactivity. In wake-up mode, acceleration data can be averaged to obtain a low enough output noise to trigger low g thresholds. In instant-on mode, the ADXL373 consumes 1.4μA while continuously monitoring the environment for impacts. When an impact event that exceeds the internally set threshold is detected, the device quickly switches to normal operating mode to record the event.

The ADXL373 includes a four-pole, low-pass antialiasing filter to attenuate out-of-band signals common in high g applications. The device also incorporates a high-pass filter to eliminate initial and slow-changing errors such as ambient temperature drift.

The ADXL373 provides 12-bit output data at 200mg/LSB scale factor. The user can access configuration and data registers via the serial peripheral interface (SPI) or I2C protocol. 

The Analog Devices Inc. ADXL373 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer is available in a 3.00mm × 3.25mm × 1.06mm Land Grid Array (LGA) package and features a wide -40°C to +105°C operating temperature range.


  • ±400g measurement range
  • 1.6V to 3.5V operating voltage range
  • 160Hz to 2560Hz user-selectable bandwidth with a 4-pole antialiasing filter
  • Selectable oversampling ratio
  • Adjustable high-pass filter
  • Ultra-Low power
    • Power can be derived from a coin cell battery
    • 19μA at 2560Hz ODR, 2.5V supply
    • Low power wake-up mode for low g activity detection
    • 1.4μA instant-on mode with adjustable threshold
    • 0.1μA standby mode
  • Built-in features for system-level power savings
    • Autonomous interrupt processing without processor intervention
  • Ultra-low-power event monitoring detects impacts and wakes up fast enough to capture the transient events
  • Adjustable low g threshold activity and inactivity detection
  • Acceleration sample synchronization via external trigger
  • SPI digital interface and I2C interface format support
  • 12-bit output at 200mg/LSB scale factor
  • Wide -40°C to +105°C temperature range
  • 3.00mm x 3.25mm x 1.06mm LGA-16 package
  • RoHS compliant


  • Portable Internet of Things (IoT) edge nodes
  • Impact and shock detection
  • Asset health assessment
  • Concussion and head trauma detection

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADXL373 Micropower 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer

Pin Designations

Mechanical Drawing - Analog Devices Inc. ADXL373 Micropower 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer

Package Outline

Mechanical Drawing - Analog Devices Inc. ADXL373 Micropower 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer
Publicado: 2021-09-30 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11