Advantech WISE-750 Intelligent Vibration Gateway

Advantech WISE-750 Intelligent Vibration Gateway is an all-in-one solution that includes AI (machine learning) training utility. It also features edge computing (inference firmware), data acquisition (ADC), and a high accuracy accelerometer. The accelerometer is for edge AI (machine learning) and vibration data acquisition, greatly reducing the complexity and the cost of implementation.


  • Configurable between machine learning algorithm and rule-based condition monitoring for PHM application
  • Data logger through Ethernet
  • 4x simultaneous analog inputs at 200kS/s sampling rate
  • Vibration sensor included
  • Multiple selections of trigger type and sampling type
  • LEDs for status indication
  • 2x Ethernet port for daisy chain
  • Alarm generation through digital output and Ethernet
  • Low power consumption


Predictive Maintenance Made Easy

Advantech WISE-750 Intelligent Vibration Gateway

Advantech offers an embedded application-ready solution—the WISE-750 intelligent vibration sensing gateway, which is developed to provide a simple way to realize low cost predictive maintenance. This all-in-one solution includes from high-accuracy accelerometer for sensing and collecting vibration signal, and WISE-750 intelligent vibration sensing gateway for edge computing and data acquisition to the integrated AI Utility for users to easily build machine learning models without experts. WISE-750 greatly reduces the complexity and the cost of AI implementation.

One-Stop Solution

Advantech WISE-750 Intelligent Vibration Gateway
Publicado: 2021-10-25 | Actualizado: 2022-08-31